Woven Shopping Bags from Reusable Materials - $486

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Woven Shopping Bags from Reusable Materials - $486



Project Name: Re-usable Shopping Bags Weaving 

Location: Buhanga, Kyarumba Sub-county, Kasese district Uganda

Project Leader: Kabugho Victorina - Chairperson


Email: buhangawomen@rocketmail.com

Start-Up Funds Needed (Total Cost)  -- $486

Project Description:

This project involves making of reusable shopping bags using market available materials in Kasese shops.

The project will involve training 42 women of Buhanga Thulibaghuma Women’s Group how to weave the shopping bags. The training will last for 13 days. In this training women will learn among others how to make bags(different designs), market bags and sustain the same business.

Describe Local Competition

In Buhanga no one makes the same bags and in Kyarumba trading centre there are two women who make them, however they produce less than needed in the market.

One of the two women Mrs. Max Emelda is the one who will train us and he has assured us that there is ready market.

This project will make money because the bags we intend to produce are on demand and will be very many because all the 42 women will participate.

Secondly, We have researched and found out that there is 15%- 25% profit on an investment of Ugx 180,000 and above in a period of  between 15-30days.

Cost of Items Needed for Project:

We need funds for the trainer allowance for 13 days =260,000

Her transport for 13 days =130,000

Funds to purchase materials i.e 22 rolls =1,320,000

Transport involved during purchasing =40,000

Total cost =UGX 1,750,000 / USD 486


We estimate that initially we shall purchase 22 rolls all at Ugx 1,320,000. Each role gives a profit of Ugx 20,000. This means the profit is 22 x 20,000=Ugx 440,000.


It takes 15-30 days to make a profit. Thus we expect over 440,000 ($120 US) monthly and Ugx 5,280,000 ($1,432 US) annually.


The profits will help women to realize their potential in generating income

40% of the profits will always be re-invested in the same business.

40% of the profits shall be given to the members as loans at an interest of 2%

20% of the profits shall be used to help beneficiaries in meeting challenges like medical bills/sickness, school fees, food shortage etc.

What we learned from Critical Thinking Workshop

  • We shall not seek help from traditional witchdoctors or gods for our business to prosper. 
  • We need to work hard and be smart in order to have market for our products.
  • Respect each other and willing to learn makes perfect.
  • Avoid conflict in the group or business
  • Protect the environment so that there is balanced weather that enables production of food and making money and eventually people will be able to purchase the bags

What we learned from Entrepreneur Workshop

  • Use new innovations & good designs and make desirable sizes 
  • We shall advertise for our business.
  • We shall be committed to the work and love it.
  • We shall all participate
  • Develop the business and make it big.
  • Need to keep records of the business e.g cashbook, names and telephones of people we shall do business with, etc

Submitted by

Masereka Sebastian

Secretary, Buhanga Thulibaghuma Women’s Group


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