Tailoring Project / Joy Women Group : Kasese, Uganda

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Tailoring Project / Joy Women Group : Kasese, Uganda


Project Name: Tailoring centre project

Location: Kizungu Cell, Nyamwamba division, Kasese Municipality

Project Leader:  Mrs. Mbambu Lavina / Tel:+256759309009 / joywomenemail@gmail.com

Start-Up Funds / Total Cost: $591

Project Description: This project is women-identified and is meant to generate income for 25 women of Joy Women Group.

In this project women will repair torn clothes such as shirts and trousers, and also make bitenge dresses, trousers, shirts and school uniforms.

The project needs 3 sewing machines, start-up fabric, house rent, license for the business, a sign post, oil, measure tapes, iron and water sprayer, threads, rulers, scissors, tailors tools and customer benches.

Describe Local Competition (if any) -- In Kizungu there is only one organized tailoring centre and it only deals in making men coats and dobbing services and then few tailors who are sometimes placed in bedrooms without display and can’ t bring in new things and cannot advertise or put signpost for their services.

Why do you think this project will make money? -- Kizungu is a residential and commercial place with very many people who will be our customers.

There are 5 primary schools with over 3,000 children; we predict these will give us business. School Children often have toned uniforms, these are our target customers.

EXPENSES / Cost of Items Needed for Project 

3 sewing machines -- 1,050,000 shillings

Start up fabrics -- 400,000

House rent for 4 months -- 200,000

License for 1 year -- 50,000

Sign post -- 50,000

Oil -- 15,000

3 Measure tapes -- 18,000

Iron and water sprayer -- 70,000

Threads -- 30,000

3 rulers -- 4,500

3 Scissors -- 60,000

Tailors stools -- 60,000

2 Customer benches -- 120,000

Radio advertisement -- 50,000

Total -- 2,177,500 shillings. ($591 US)

INCOME (How much profit is estimated?)

We estimate 3 sewing machines will make at least 12,000shs daily. That is 360,000 a month. (After subtracting all expenses including allowances for the day tailors). There we are basing on the fact that at-least each sewing machine will generate 1 USD+ OR Ushs. 4,000.

We have also assumed that our fabric stock will generate 70,000 UShs a month. We estimated that at least every 30 days we shall always sell 23 pieces of fabrics where we have 3,000 Ushs on each piece.

TIMELINE (How long will it take to make a profit? How much money is expected monthly, annually, etc.?)

We expect monthly 430,000 shillings ($117 US) 

annually 5,160,000 shillings ($1,401 US)


The profits will contribute to the community by helping to eradicate poverty.

Profits will purchase more sewing machines and provide more employment.

Profits will help Joy Women Group develop by putting in place other income generating projects.

What did you learn from the Critical Thinking Workshop - that is valuable for your project’s success?

Women must decide for them on the business they can manage and not let men/husbands to decide for them certain businesses. We have chosen this business as women and not directed by men.

We will avoid superstitions e.g seeking riches from traditional doctors; wasting a lot of time praying to get money; We shall mind about working all days in our tailoring business and we shall properly plan the profits.

We shall get rid of trick stars/abafere that can steal our money and put down our business. 

What did you learn from the Entrepreneur’s Workshop? 

We need to have skills to do business well; we already have 5 group members who are trained in tailoring. They will run the project and train more group members.

We need to keep records for the business. This will help to know the losses or profits of the business and also know what is needed to better the business.

We learned that our business will work if we use our education, our creativity, our mathematical skills, and our organizational skills. In this way we can help ourselves.

We will avoid People who try to sell us “magic”.





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