Pineapple Project - Ruti Women Roadside Vendors

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Pineapple Project - Ruti Women Roadside Vendors




Project Leader(s): NASSALI MARYGRACE


Tel: 0784523776

Start-Up Funds Needed

(Total Cost): $483

50% FUNDED! We just need $242 more!

Project Description:

Ruti women roadside vendors is a women’s group found in Mbarara city in Uganda. The women own small businesses along the road among other things, they sell food stuffs. The members of the group have families, with more than one child. The children are in school. The women operate in road stall and the conditions of these stalls are not favourable, characterized by the leaking roofs which destroy their merchandise when it rains.

The women sell pineapples which is one of the interesting fruits sold here. It is a nutritious and profitable fruit on their side. The women make a profit of about 50% on each fruit. For example buying a pineapple at Uganda shillings 1000 from the mobile vendors (those who bring the pineapples on bicycles) and selling it at 1500. The women make a profit of Uganda shillings 500. Other food stuff sold by this group are on a threat as the roof on the stalls leaks. All the 6 stalls need to be refurbished as this is their shelter for half of the day (7am-7pm) throughout the year.

To improve their standards of living at group level and household level, this group is applying for funding to increase their stock (selling of pineapples). The women vendors wish to go beyond buying from mobile vendors and deal directly with pineapple famers to get pineapples at a more subsidized cost. They can be able to do that if they can buy in large quantities. Given the fund, their profit margin will increase, their children will be sustained in school and enjoy high quality education, seek better healthcare services and improve nutrition at household level.

Describe Local Competition (if any)

There is no local competition in this business.

Why do you think this project will make money?

This project makes money through buying directly from pineapple growers at a more subsidized cost.

The fact that women will work in groups, it will enable them to learn from each other, improve their business related practices e.g record keeping.

The project will be monitored for success by the board advisor Mr. Asasira Justus to see how the women’ group utilize the funds and hatch ideas and new products to deal in along the way.


Cost of Items Needed for Project

(include links or price tags to indicate costs)

the project will focus on buying merchandize (pineapples and 983 heads) will be bought

Additional Expenses

Transport cost for merchandise 250,000

Communication and coordination costs (airtime) 100,000

Total Ug shs.350,000 equi $93

Grand total requested for this project is Ug shs 1,775,000 equivalent $483


(How much profit is estimated? What do you base those numbers on?)

The project is estimated to make profit based on collective buying and selling in a group. Since the group will be buying in large quantities from farmers, there is a likelihood of getting pineapples at a more subsidized cost compare to when an individual is buying from farmers.

From rural farmers, the cost is relatively lower as compared to buying from mobile vendors. The mobile vendors buy from the famers and also want to make profit. The ideal way of making profit is to deal with farmers directly.

The profit estimated in 4 months from selling pineapples is Ug shs 980,000 for this group.

A simple calculation:

983 pineapples each at 1,500will cost 1,475,000. These pineapples can be sold in 4 months.

Each pineapple is estimated to be sold at Ug shs 2,500*983 pineapples and the total is 2,457,500

This means that in one year, the project will make a profit of 980,000 every 4moths and by the end of one year, the project will generate profit of about Ug shs 2,900,000. This is worth a project to be undertaken to reduce poverty among in this women’s group. If the generated profits are given another one year in addition to the initial capital, the project will raise over Ug shs 3,500,000 in that year.


(How long will it take to make a profit? How much money is expected monthly, annually, etc.?)

The project will buy pineapples in large quantities and sell them to buying on the women stalls. The project will buy these pineapples from farmers at a relatively lower price and sell the same pineapples at a price where they can get a profit, at least half of the price as profit. The project will be making money every month and it is estimated that by the end of the first 4months, the project will generate Ug shs 980,000 of profit.

If this project is sustained for a period of 3 years, it is anticipated that the profit will double in the third year as the business women will be able to expand and harness other opportunities in related business.


(Describe how the profits will help the community)

Schooling: The women is this group will be able to contribute to education of their children through giving them necessary scholastic materials. In single headed households, these women will directly pay school fees to enable their children acquire education.

Ending poverty: Ending poverty in women headed households will be achieved. This project comes at a time when women headed households are engulfed in poverty. This project is an intervention to poverty reduction in communities in Uganda.

Increasing access to pineapples: the project intends to increase access to agricultural products in the city at a convenient place, that is along the main road where these stalls are established. In addition, the project will provide ready market for pineapple farmers/producers.

Nutrition: The project will improve nutrition at household level as these women sustain their businesses and boost them, they will be able to feed their homesteads very well and reduce malnutrition levels which is a common problem in Uganda especially among female headed households.

Working in groups: Working in groups tend to be discouraged yet it is a more convenient and flexible way to increase income for such an organized group. It will be a learning experience for individuals who have resisted to join groups. This will be a model group to show others the benefits of working in groups.

What did you learn from the Critical Thinking Workshop - that is valuable for your project’s success?

From the critical thinking workshop, the group was able to learn the following:

That going to church all day can boom the business-success of this project entirely depends on hard work.

That going to a witch doctor can make a business successful-hard work, good record keeping and prioritizing making a business successful

That giving money to local church leaders can bless our business.

That if I did not go to school, my children should not go to school.

That if one is not educated he or she cannot establish a business.

What did you learn from the Entrepreneur’s Workshop - that is valuable for your project’s success?

Success of the project is a result of good record keeping, knowing where a high profit is through proper project selection, and learning from each other for example practices of business management.

Knowing how much is earned from the business is key as it help the project to estimate the profit.

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