Nyakiyumbu Widows Food Store

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Nyakiyumbu Widows Food Store


Nyakiyumbu Widows Food Store

Mpondwe-Lhubiriha Town Council

Project Leader(s):

1. Mbambu Medias 

2. Biira Sadress

3. Lamwaka Justin

4. Ithungu Scovia

5. Kabugho Tereza

6. Kabugho Grace

7. Muhindo Pskezia

8. Masika Agness

9. Nzabake Janet

Start-Up Funds Needed: $500

Project Description:

The business of operating the store of food items can create self employment to its operators and reduce poverty if well tapped. Nyakiyumbu widows association in union with Brighter Braions Institute have taken deliberate move to mobiligze, train and engage women in smart businesses through critical thinking and entrepreneur workshop trainings where over 70 women have acquired knowledge to provide job creation and improve household incomes. Food store provides custody of a variety of items with great nutritional values for normal functioning of the body and therefore, on high demand since some items are the daily foods eaten.

The food store will generate money because the food items we want to trade are demanded highly on a daily basis.

It will also make money because orders will be made on cash not on credit.


(include links or price tags to indicate costs)

Item Quantity Cost (shs) Amount (shs)

Beans 100kgs 2,200 220,000

Cassava flour 100kgs 1,400 140,000

Rice 100kgs 2,600 260,000

Posho/maize flour 100kgs 2,000 200,000

Ground nuts 100kgs 4,800 480,000

Millet flour 50kgs 2,400 120,000

Weighing scale 1 100,000 100,000

Calculator 1 20,000 20,000

Record books 70,000

Empty Sacks + measurement cups 30,000

 monthly 100,000

Electricity bill monthly 15,000

License 20,000

Transport costs 40,000


Estimated profit is shs265,000 monthly ($75) which is based on the frequent or daily transactions which we have much trust that these transactions will be made and bulky orders made in sales.


It is estimated that profits will be realized in one month’s period.

Monthly, shs265,000 will be obtained and,

Annually shs3,180,000 will be made from the business.


(Describe how the profits will help the community)

Profits will be re-invested in other business ventures and create labor to community people

The profits will help to extend more services near as new products and services will be stocked or added to the stock.

What we learned from the Critical Thinking Workshop

We learnt that when doing business, we should not involve in black activities/ideas like witch craft.

We should not think that something invisible can help other than our own efforts.

What we learned from the Entrepreneur’s Workshop

We learnt that business owners must know and understand themselves in order to manage and succeed in business.

That in business, entrepreneurs must be calculative.

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