Irish Potato Farm - Kanungu Humanist School

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Irish Potato Farm - Kanungu Humanist School


Irish Potatoes Project - Kanungu Humanist School

Project Leader: Robert Magara

Phone Number: +256783597272, +256784787473

Email address:

Start up funds needed - total cost $440

Project description

Irish potatoes farming has lucrative quick returns. The market for potatoes is very huge and is ever increasing in Uganda. We can supply Irish potatoes to individual households, schools, restaurants, hotels, companies, supermarkets events etc Irish potatoes are not widely grown if the right farming methods. The second area that needs to improve is the quality of seed potatoes, increase in productivity can only be achieved if farmers have access to clean seed.

Why do you think this project will make money?

Potato is one of the most important crops in Kigezi region-Uganda. Potato produces more proteins and calories, produces more nutrition food more quickly on less land. There is a substantial wholesale market based around the increasing demand for locally produced food stuffs, another possibility that this project will generate a good income.


Cost of items needed for project (include links or price tags to indicate costs)

Seed potatoes - 2 bags - $100

Fertilizer — $80

Sprays — $120

Food for Workers — $90

Transport — $20

Land for Rent — $30


How much profit is estimated? What do you base those numbers on?

I plan to grow potatoes on 2 acres of land.

I expect to harvest 20 bags each sold at $53x20bags = $1060

So: invested $440 less output $1060

Growth profit = $620 (in 3-4 months)

TIME LINE - How long will it take to make a profit?

3-4 months

How much is expected monthly? Annually?

In the 3-4 months, I expect to earn $620

(This is a periodic project, not monthly or annually) earning.

COMMUNITY BENEFIT - Describe how the profits will help the community

I will use the labor to work on this project from the surrounding community in terms of paying wages and lunch food.

What did you learn from the critical thinking workshop that is valuable for your project’s success?

I learnt to think naturally. I can think with rational judgment, strategically, analytically, mathematically and scientifically. These are the multiple ways in which the mind can process thought to avoiding the past failures.

What did you learn from the Entrepreneur’s workshop that is valuable for your project’s success?

I learnt from the entrepreneur’s workshop the following;

1. Accountability to achieve my goals.

2. Make connections when I have a challenge, need support with, tap into friends, events and networks online and offline.

3. Constant feedback, engage with customers early to ensure delivery experience that customer’s value.

4. Be willing change in the face of evidence.

5. Understanding what my costs are, how much income I receive and what profit I am left with each month.

6. Share ideas; competitive advantage comes from assembling intelligence around.

7. Communication matters: speaking to my team regularly keeps me up to date with how they feel and how my project is doing from their perspective.

8. Lead by example; there is no such thing as a bad team to do better and get focused on my mission.

9. Offering sacrifices to traditional African witch doctors or paying them for magic portions is useless. Starting a project as a Humanist, religion should not interfere my project. It must remain an independent entity.

10. I am the one that determine the success of my project or Business. Profits should not be donated to gods or God for whatever reason.

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