Ecstacy Computer Store - for Nyakiyumbu Widows

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Ecstacy Computer Store - for Nyakiyumbu Widows


Ecstasy Computer Services

Location: Mpondwe-Lhubiriha Town Council

Project Leader(s):

1. Muhindo Nyesi. +256 783 699 300.

2. Biira Janet

3. Masika Yozofina

4. Mbambu Helena

5. Mbambu Eliza

6. Thungu Jane

7. Masika Felezia

8. Kyakimwa Joyce

9. Maathe Melkisedek

Start-Up Funds Needed: $498

Project Description:

Ecstasy computer service project will be initiated as its year by year rolling development plan which is a requirement to curb down expected ICT failures forecasted in the future in our mother district-Kasese and Nyakiyumbu as well. The high need for computer services keeps business owners unstable and owners have wished to stand united to become computer service providers for ICT enhancement for improvement of social and economic living standards.

Why do you think this project will make money?

It will make money because the Ecstasy computer services will monopolize the services not offered by the competitors like opening tax identification numbers (TIN) and filling the URA forms using the internet.


Item Quantity Cost (shs) Amount (shs)

All in one HP printer/photocopier/scanner 800,000

Ink 70,000

Reams of papers 3 15,000 45,000

Internet Modem 70,000

Calculator 20,000

Record books 60,000

Staple machine 10,000

Punching machine 10,000

Laminator 300,000

Rent 100,000

Operational license 30,000

Furniture 200,000

Electricity bill 30,000

Dust bin 7,000


Expected daily income is shs20,000

Expected weekly income is shs140,000

Expected monthly income is shs560,000 minus operational expenses (rent, license,ink and reams of papers which make shs280,000). Therefore, expected monthly profit is shs310,000

Expected annual profit is shs3,720,000

We have based these figures on calculations and explanations from successful business people.

Expected monthly profit is shs310,000

Expected annual profit is shs3,720,000


The profits will be used to equip the business with more machines to supplement the two computers already available to provide and deliver training service to the community.

Some of the profit will be saved for charity assistance

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