Catering Business - Buhanga Women Group

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Catering Business - Buhanga Women Group


Catering Business - Buhanga Women Group


Date Submitted:23/06/2018

Project Name: Boosting Buhanga Catering and events management project

Location:Buhanga,Kaghema in Kyarumba Sub-county, Kasese district Uganda

Project Leader(s): Kabugho Victorina-Chairperson



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Start-Up Funds Needed (Total Cost)

Funds needed to boost this project is USD $294

Project Description:

This project is already in existence and it needs to be boosted. Members have thought of improving it so that they can fulfill the demands of most clients.

The project offers services like catering, cake making, hire out of plates, Tapelines, pans, mingling sticks and dishes.

What we need are: 200 plates to make 400, 2 Tapelines to make 4, 2 pans to make 5, 1 dish to make 3 and then 2 portable water tanks and a portable solar with at least 4 lamps to light the function site as we sometimes work/cook at night if we are to offer catering services.

Describe Local Competition (if any)

In Buhanga there’s no group or company that offers this service, we are the only ones.

Why do you think this project will make money?

This project will make money because we remain the only group that renders this service.

Secondly, we have already started the business and we find that people need our services very much. The community has appreciated and it is from their demands that we need to boost the very business.


Cost of Items Needed for Project:

175 plates at 2500 @ = 437,500

1 Tapelines/ work as tents at 130,000@=130,000

1source pan for cooking food at 200,000@ =200,000

1 dish at 200,000 @ =200,000

  1 portable water tank at 130,000 @ = 130,000

Total=1,097,500 / USD 294


(How much profit is estimated? What do you base those numbers on?)

We estimate that on average we shall be making profits worth 150,000 -220,000.We base on the fact that the project will have a variety of items to hire out whenever there is an introduction, party, funerals and weddings among others. These items are Tapelines, plates, dishes, pans, mingling sticks and on top of that we the women can be hired to offer catering services for a good pay.

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